Module What’s new in Version 5.29See the Change Log here…
SharePoint Support for list type Survey.
DataTransport v5.27 Enhanced job logging for Excel automation.
DataTransport v5.26 New ability to apply PnP Provisioning Template to sites created on the fly.
DataTransport v5.26 Options for Subsites List have been simplified.
FileTransport v5.25 New property enables you to flag files copied/synced to FileShares or Local drives as ReadOnly.
DataTransport v5.24 Performance increase (110% ) when Updating SharePoint Items using custom keys.
General v5.24 Expression evaluation performance increase (150%). This is a global enhancement for all dynamic expressions.
Excel v5.23 Support for irregular table-column-names.
Excel v5.23 Support for using # in Sheet name. The # character is replaced by a timestamp. This enables for accumulating multiple sheets of data in a single workbook each named uniquely..
DataTransport v5.22 Using “Files and Folders” as source now include the Created and Modified timestamps for Folders.
FileTransport v5.22 Now you can reference child Managed Metadata tags by using this syntax: [My parent tag label][My child tag label]
FileTransport v5.21 Extraction af Metadata from Office Files now supports Custom Properties. Also added a new global function GetOfficeFileProperty for use in expressions.
DataTransport v5.21 Enhanced multitasking leading to greater speed (20 – 70%) when Updating / Creating items. (On O365 standard tennant we have measured Create 2000 items pr. minute based on batch of 24000)
Excel v5.21 Dynamic Sheet generation when updating existing workbook. Specifying # as suffix to the sheet name ( MySheet#) will lead to an new sheet being generated with # replaced by a timestamp.
PnP v5.21 Support for the new March 2017 version 2.13 of the PnP Provisioning Engine.
DataTransport FileTransport v5.16 New Recycle Bin option for all “DELETE” operations. You can then configure permanent delete or send to Recycle Bin. Implemented for Windows File System and SharePoint (including ordinary List Items.)
Job Server v5.16 Enhanced and simplified Windows Service configuration.
General v5.01 CtrlSync for SharePoint Server Mode for OneDrive replication and backup – single og multiple accounts.
FileTransport v5.00 “Folder option: Synchronize. This enables you to perform both One-Way and Two -Way sync where files and folders not matching the source are deleted. Note that Two-way sync requires 2 components with identical but switched Source/Target. The 2 Components can use either the same or different options and filters etc.
DataTransport FileTransport v5.00 New Support for Dynamic Component Invocation based on a Parameter. You can now insert a Parameter as the Component to invoke. At runtime the return value from the Parameter is resolved to a Component name and that component is then invoked.
Module What’s new in Version 4.43 – October 2016See the Change Log here…
SharePoint Parameter support in Connections is added (SharePoint, Database, FTP, Citrix ShareFile). You can just change the parameter value and then it is reflected in all referenced connections. Parameters can be global for all Fusion users or individual for each user. This is quite nice in environments with many connections that requires regular password change or requires access using different credentials for each Fusion user.
General The Windows System Tray now has a Fusion Icon from where you can access the program.
DataTransport Internal-data as Source is now available also when Master Data Management is disabled.
Job Log The job Log is now automatically truncated gradually on the Batch Server without blocking for other concurrent jobs.
Module What’s new in Version 4.42 September 2016See the Change Log here…
BatchServer Handling of : “Server machine reboot”. Component jobs that were running when the server machine was rebooted will now be automatically rescheduled or restarted according to the Components job schedule.
PowerShell Error handling: New error message added to job log that shows the native PowerShell exception message. Fatal errors where the script can not execute at all is handled with a specifc message
Components The Job log sessions are now automatically truncated to 100 sessions. You can configure the number of sessions to retain for for each component or globally for all Components.
SharePoint DLL Update: CSOM 16.1.5626.1200 & PnP.Core 2.7.1609.3 (September 2016)
Module What’s new in Version 4.40 August 2016See the Change Log here…
Components Video toolbar button that opens the “Video Library” .
General The “Video Library” is now an independent window. Option to “Stay as topmost window”. Individual or all videos that auto-play can be disabled.
ControlPanel Linked-In support and discussion forum now accessible from top-banner.
Module What’s new in Version 4.39 August 2016See the Change Log here…
FileTransport FTP support. You can now copy/move files between FTP sites, SharePoint Document Libraries and FileShares.
General Ontolica Fusion Free Edition. This is the standard installation. If you have a Licence no changes are made. If not then an extra set of features now have no limitations.
ControlPanel New Toolbar buttons for Repository Backup/Restore/Select. Updated layout for Components with new description column saved with each Component. Tooltip enhanced.
MasterData Activation can now be done by double clicking the pre-installed folder Master Data Management Components.
Collection Easier Enable/Disable of Scripting (PowerShell/ Database SQL). Options are moved to Script-Tab’s. Default enabled. New hyperlink and documentation added.
DataTransport CSV/TXT Driver and description updated. Sample syntax for SQL SELECT on .TXT and .CSV files added.
DataTransport Source specification: When Excel or Text file is selected as Source a file selection prompt is displayed.
DataTransport Target specification: When Text file or XML is selected a default filename is added. Automatic name sequence numbering is enabled: MyFile_1.txt MyFile_2.txt ….
FileTransport, DataTransport “Create new Connection” in the Connection Drop Down Menu. Gives easier access to creating a new Connection. Also if an Incomplete Connection is selected the the Properties are automatically opened.
FileTransport, DataTransport “Auto edit incomplete Connection”. When selecting an incomplete Connection, the Edit-Connection-Properties will automatically open.
Database, FTP, SharePoint New “Metadata Refreshed” DateTime column shows when the connection was refreshed. This new property is now widely used to indicate connections not yet complete.
Module What’s new in Version 4.33 August 2016See the Change Log here…
Collection Support for execution Conditions. This effectively gives you “Cross Platform Workflow” capabilities.
MasterData Facelift applied to standard layouts and various dialog boxes.
DataTransport Advanced DateTime filtering in query result. Quarters, Weeks, days, relative intervals etc.
DataTransport New Hyperlink to edit Database Connection Properties.
Module Version 4.32 July 2016See the Change Log here…
Functions GetDirectory ( window title , start path ). Select a directory. Returns directory path or ‘’ if cancelled.
DataTransport Query: Blank folder name is now interpreted as Root-folder.
FileTransport Folder dates now display in the “Action Preview”. Also added to all relevant reports.
FileTransport SP to SP Content Type: Automatic column mapping now maps the column Content Type to Content Type Id. Both Label and GUID values are matched combined or independently.
FileTransport Content Type Label is now automatically set when Content Type Library is selected.
FileTransport Content Type automatic fallback: When a Content Type (dynamically specified using rules and expressions) does not exist then fallback is made to the Content Type defined in the component or if none defined then ten one in the library.
SharePoint Managed Metadata: Tag Label is now matched independent of case and leading/trailing space to Term GUID.
SharePoint Managed Metadata: Job log for Tags is now more readable.
SharePoint Handling of very slow SharePoint servers where the famous “error 500” is thrown.
Job Log New r-click menu on “Copied” Job Log rows enables you to quickly open the source/target destinations for a particular file.
SharePoint O365, 2013, 2016 Office Dev. PnP Core Libraries updated to 2.5.1606.3
SharePoint 2013 – New GitHub package design for CSOM 16.1.5xxx
Module Version 4.28 (June2016)
Master Data Data Import: Enhanced key management with automatic relation detection.
FileTransport Folders: Modified & ModifiedBy is now populated with information. Works in all directions : SF to SP, SP to SP, SP to FS, FS to FS.
SharePoint Office 365 new throttling error types. Fusion now recovers automatically and applies different upload approach when necessary.
FileTransport Fast “Rename File” support. By using “Move” you can now move the file to a new name within the same or different folder. The value of Modified & ModifiedBy can optionally be retained. There is full support for all dynamic calculations etc. Note that you can rename using wildcards in the filename. So *.PDF will rename all files to have .PDF as extensions.
FileTransport Wild card specification enhanced Now supports files with no extensions. Example: ..\myfolder\*. This wildcard will retrieve any file without an extension
SharePoint New Connection Property: Local Filter for Blocked File Types
DataTransport SQL Database Target will now detect dynamic “CREATE TABLE” statements. and automatically load table name and metadata for use in the UI.
Collection The Collection Component it is now running with Multitasking.
SharePoint Content Type Management. Set the Content Type on new or existing Items.
SharePoint Support for SharePoint On-Premises 2016.
Excel Use Internal named Tables as source in DataTransport. Optionally refresh the Table linked to external data.
SharePoint Site Provisioning Create/Update/Delete Sites in BULK.
SharePoint Support for the Office Dev. PnP provisioning Engine.
FileTransport Dynamic Site support: Upload to SharePoint and automatically create Site, based on standard or WSP template.
PowerShell Run parametrized PowerShell from the Collection Component.
DataTransport For Each Row – Execute Component. You can reference Column values from any Component, row-by-row.
Module Type Version 4.09 (April 2016)
SharePoint New Site Provisioning Create/Update/Delete Sites in BULK.
FileTransport New Dynamic Site support: Upload to SharePoint and automatically create Site, based on standard or WSP template.
PowerShell New Run parametrized PowerShell from the Collection Component.
DataTransport New For Each Row – Execute Component. You can reference Column values from any Component, row-by-row.
Job Log New Report tab” to concatenate and analyse the embedded report files and export to CSV or Excel.
DataTransport Enhanced Excel target now supports named cells, and has been greatly simplified and face lifted.
Batch Server Enhanced Windows Service configuration can now set the account name.
Module Type Version 2.63 (November 2015)
Documentation New Topic covering Fusion concept and use-cases
FileTransport Enhancement Drag&Drop” support. By dropping files on the File Transport component a “File Selection” filer is automatically created.
DataTransport New CSV/TXT driver that enables retrieve filtering and conditional data append.
DataTransport New No-Coding” user interface for Database Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD). (This is an addition to the existing advanced SQL scripting.)
DataTransport New Support for 3 party drivers for Line of Business Systems . This enables 2-way integration with MS Dynamics CRM/AX/NAV, SAP NetWeaver, OData services, etc.
DataTransport New Preview of pending actions for database targets. (also raw SQL)
SharePoint Enhancement Support nested match on Managed MetaData. “:“ … “Cars:Ford”
Module Type Version 2.17 (June 2015)
SharePoint Enhanced Data & File Transport can now handle 1.000.000 items per session.
DataTransport New SQL Data type specification”. This enables easy data type conversion from source to target. For example when you want to insert a text value into a numeric column.
DataTransport Enhanced DropDown column list now includes the physical column name. makes it easier to understand when working on sites with different languages..
FileTransport Enhanced DropDown column lists now includes the physical column name. makes it easier to understand when working on sites with different languages..

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