Screen resolution of minimum 1280 × 700

Software requirements Version
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.x
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.x

Download link to .Net 4.5 is here

Minimum hardware requirements Configuration
CPU architecture 2 cores
Free physical memory 1 GB
Firewall max Connections 100 connections
Disk space 1 – 20 GB
Hardware recommendation when using multitasking with SharePoint Configuration
CPU architecture 6 – 12 cores
Free physical memory when Uploading files from FileShare to SharePoint 2 GB
Free physical memory when Transferring from SharePoint to SharePoint 3 GB
Firewall max Connections 400 connections
SharePoint authentication model (2010/2013/2016)
NTLM / Claims
Single Sign-On
Forms Based
SharePoint authentication model (Office 365)
Claims (Web)
Firewall configuration must allow connections to match the number of multitasking processes.
When uploading files to SharePoint from a FileShare using 20 Threads in a FileTransport Component is equal to 25 connections
When uploading files to SharePoint from SharePoint using 20 Threads in a FileTransport Component is equal to 65 connections

Document properties like [DateCreated] can be extracted form office files and PDF files and used for metadata
This requires Microsoft Office to be installed on the computer where Fusion is running.
The following versions are supported

  • Office-2010 32bit
  • Office 2010 64bit + hotfix:Office2010-kb2483230
  • Office-2013 or later 32/64bit

Supported Windows versions

  • Windows 7 (32/64)
  • Windows 8 (32/64)
  • Windows 10 (32/64)
  • Windows server 2003, 2005,2008,2012,2016

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