Each Item in the List “Subscription” represent one set of files for one user.

The user’s own account is used for file download/upload

When the client program on the user’s machine (or Server) initiate file sync, the List Items in the Subscription List associated with the user is processed.

Control Sync uses 4 SharePoint Lists. (Item Level Security is supported.)

List Name Role Minimum Permission
  • Subscription

Each Item represent one set of files for one user. Users can have multiple subscriptions. Read
  • Sync Log

Log when users are synchronizing. Use to determine if everyone in a team is up-to-date. Add/Edit own
  • Event Log

Log file actions (upload/download) and warnings/errors. Add
  • Version Control

Destibution of new versions of custom business logic. Read

There are many ways of setting up permissions.
However using the ‘Best practice’ described below you
grant users access to CtrlSync for SharePoint by simply sharing the Site.

Setting up Permissions – 5 minutes Step-by-Step (SharePoint Online)
Go to: “Admin / Admin centers / SharePoint”
  • Create a Site Collection named “ControlSync”. Remember to enable external sharing if you want contactors etc. to use Control Sync.
Go to: “Site Settings / People and groups / Groups”
  • Create the Group ‘Control Sync Users’ Select Permission levels: “Contribute” , “Read
  • In the Group Settings menu select Make Default Group
For the The Lists Subscription and Version Control Go to: “List Settings / Permissions for this list”
  • On Ribbon select: Stop Inheriting Permissions
  • Select the group “Control Sync Users”
  • On the Ribbon: Edit User Permissions, Uncheck Contribute
For the Lists Sync Log and Event Log Go to: “List Settings / Advanced Setting.”

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