With Bidirectional support you can also copy files from SharePoint to FileShares as well. Folders can copied 1:1 or created form metadata.

Source (your FileShare) and target (your SharePoint Library) is specified in the File Transport component. You give the component a name and run it visually step-by-step or schedule it as a batch job on the built-in batch server.

To synchronize the FileShare with document changes made in SharePoint, you just create another component, and set SharePoint as source and the FileShare as target – it is that simple!.
Note that you can specify custom include/exclude criteria and renaming rules.

Key features
  • Preserve timestamps. (Modified, Created)
  • Keep folder hierarchy or flatten hierarchy with folder names as calculated metadata.
  • Retrieve metadata from any databases or ERP/CRM data source. (on-premises/cloud)
  • Apply Managed Metadata and normal metadata dynamically. Use calculations with name and properties or data retrieved from external data sources .
  • Incremental features to skips existing files. (multiple conditions).
  • Criteria for include/exclude files. (option to use multiple Regular expressions)
  • High performance without any additional software or azure services needed.
  • Move or delete files and Merge folder hierarchies.

Use 1:1 with all source folders created or flatten the hierarchy like shown below.



Fusion use cases.

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