PRODUCTIVITY is the PROFOUND DIFFERENCE between “Data Driven Automation” and hard coded actions, whether it’s done in some Tool, PowerShell or manually.

Imagine your users can just add an Item to a Customer SharePoint List, CSV, Excel Table etc. and then “boom” – that customer automatically subscribes to auto generated/retrieved files (based on parameters from the Item) delivered in the Customers “ShareFile Client Folder” (Citrix) or by other means … That’s PRODUCTIVITY

And best of all – without a single line of Code!

Manual Labour & Coding Data Driven Automation

No Coding or Programming Skills Required.

Do more with SharePoint than you ever thought possible – safely and at high speed
Migrate/Replicate File Shares at high speed – - – Replicate Documents at high speed – - – Update metadata – - – Create/Update Items – - – Delete/Archive Items and Documents – - – Site Provisioning and Site Streamlining – - – Excel Refresh/Push/Pull – - – Integrate bidirectionally with any data source – - – Invoke jobs from PowerShell or call PS code conditionally. – - – CSV files integrated like a database table

This is the beginning of 10.000 lines of PowerShell code, to achieve some of the same things Although NOT ready for production tomorrow I guess ;-)

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