Easy Automation for SharePoint & Citrix ShareFile
Predictable, Safe and Fast!

Boost your deliveries and work quality.

Do more with SharePoint than you ever thought possible – safely and at high speed
Migrate/Replicate File Shares at high speed – - – Replicate Documents at high speed – - – Update metadata – - – Create/Update Items – - – Delete/Archive Items and Documents – - – Site Provisioning and Site Streamlining – - – Excel Refresh/Push/Pull – - – Integrate bidirectionally with any data source – - – Invoke jobs from PowerShell or call PS code conditionally. – - – CSV files integrated like a database table
Fusion is Predictable.
  • Visual and interactive job design – NO Coding Required.
  • Test and Verify BEFORE committing actions – with full audit.
  • Reuse job configurations and “Save As” new job
  • Real-Time – job monitoring and reporting with dynamic event filters.
  • Throttling control, ensures maximum data throughput.
  • Schedule repetitive jobs on Built-in batch Server with automatic alerting.
  • Remote control and monitoring of scheduled and running Batch Jobs.
  • Document any data movement and data transformation.
Fusion is Safe.
  • Automatic error recovery, with multiple retry strategies. Handles SharePoint exceptions and network dropouts.
  • Full searchable audit. Consolidated Excel reporting across sessions.
  • Deep detailed analysis with searchable hierarchy display of audit log for composite jobs.
  • Job reports with original, transformed and skipped values.
  • Change management with job configuration version history
  • Separate design/test/production environments. Transfer job configuration changes between environments.
  • Repository database. All audit and configurations saved in 1 place. No local cfg/log files!
  • Multiple users can design and run jobs concurrently using a centralized repository for cfg and audit.
  • No List-View threshold limits.
Fusion is Fast.
  • Extreme Performance using multitasking and Dynamic CAML.
  • Multiple concurrent running jobs, with real time audit.
  • Fully integrated with PowerShell for special requirements.
  • Combine multiple single jobs into composite job. Even parameterized nested Composite job in Composite job.
  • Uses multiple CPU’s to process concurrent jobs.
  • Multi user job configuration – with optional central SQL Server as repository.
  • Batch Job processing in Que and Parallel.

FileShare to SharePoint
If you are looking for 1:1 copy of FileShares then most tools can do it.
However if you need to restructure your content and set metadata dynamically based of on source location etc. or even load metadata form external data sources then Ontolica Fusion is the choice. Also if it’s an ongoing job where the FileShare are still in production and the jobs need to rerun and replicate the new or modified content then Fusion is the choice.

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