Central Management of automatic file distribution
- No user interaction required

  • Make sure updated task relevant files are consolidated and made available in folders on users computers/devices for easy access (also offline).
  • Users no longer spend time searching for or downloading files to their own archives.
  • Centrally verify that team members travelling are up-to-date with important documents before departure.´
Collect and consolidate projects relevant files and make them available offline.
  • Make sure all files are up-to-date and in the right version.
  • Eliminate team members need to know the storage location for different files.
  • For each project, all files are stored in a single folder structure.
  • Send back updated fils for review (workflow) without overwriting the original

Customer success stories:

  • Weltec
  • Konsulentfabrikken.dk
  • Flowcon IVC

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