Module Type Status Features committed for version 5.4 – May 2017
CtrlSync New In Progress CtrlSync for SharePoint support for Wipe local files when a subscription is deleted or made in-active.
FileTransport New In Progress Support for replicating Document versions between Document Libraries. Even copy form doclib til FileShare WITH versionhistory and metadata and then later copy back into different SP library WITH version history intact.

Module Type Status Version Description
FileTransport, DataTransport New In-Progress 5.5 Citrix ShareFile Support.
Parameters Enhancement Pending 5.5 access to AD objects like primary-email
FileTransport New Pending 5.5 Ability to upload files but NOT check-in.
Site Provisioning New Pending 2017 Support for “PnP Provisioning schema 2.3 Provisioning.Extensibility.Providers. This enables to load a custom DLL that will merge with the Fusion namespace and pass on the context. the DLLs will be.
DataTransport New Pending 2017 The ability to dynamically add new Site Collections. (same way as we do when creating Sub Sites now)stored inside Fusions repository and dynamically made available at runtime.
parameterized filtering on all site and site collations properties even the ones added by the PnP Provisioning Engine. The latter we need for a customer that wants to provision Site changes to only the sites created by a specific version of the PnP Engine.
Parameters Enhancement Pending 2017 Support for parameters in Replace-Lists
PowerShell Enhancement Pending 2017 Execute via separate RunSpace
DataTransport Enhancement Pending 2017 Ability to create database table without SQL.
Office 365 New Pending 2017 Azure Migration API


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