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General Reports: Overview

Report Category Report Name Description
Audit Audit Reports on audit trail and summary of changes made to Patrol logs and Member DOB’s over a set period of time.
Assessment, Awards and License Assessments Eligibility Description Reports on who in your organisation is eligible to commence training for a specific award
Assessments Provides a report on who in your organisation sat for an assessment over a specific period of time. Includes awards and proficiencies
Assessors Provides a report on who in your organisation acted in the capacity of an Assessor over a specific period of time for a specific award
Assessor Activity History A report that lists your organisations Assessors Activity History
Awards History Gives you a report on members or an individual member within your organisation on their award history. This report can be filtered by award, date, membership type, proficiency, registered season & person
Current Awards Report that outputs a list of members that have a specific award. Report can be filtered by Award, person, registered season, award date
Reference: Awards A report that details the criteria for a specific award including award pre-requisite conditions for candidates, assessor and trainers.
Reference: Licenses A report that details what licenses are required for a specific award.
Totals By Assessment Date Gives a break down, by month and by award, of your organisations total numbers for Assessments and their subsequent award status.
Trainers Provides a report on who in your organisation acted in the capacity of a Trainer over a specific period of time for a specific award
Trainers Activity History A report that lists your organisations trainers Activity History
Member Competition Age Category Lists members current competition age category within a specific registered season. Report can be filtered by membership category, gender, age
Contact Details Provides a comprehensive report on members contact details which can be filtered by groups, officer, gender, registered season, registration date and membership type.
Email Lists A list of members email addresses
Family Groups This report is for Clubs to determine the Number of Family Groups that have been created within the Club, Members who have a Family Group, Primary and Standard Members of each Family Group and Contact Information.
Mailing Labels – Members Provides the function to grab member information to create mailing labels. System is set up to use Avery L7160 labels or you can output information into excel format to create your own labels
Members Portal Accounts This report is for Clubs to determine if Members do or do not have a Members Portal Account. Report also details members Account Usernames and when Portal accounts were created and last used.
Membership Details A report that details a members details including a list of awards, contact information, emergency contact details, ID verification, Member Protection status
Membership History Provides a list of dates for when a members membership record was updated including registered seasons, membership categories and competition rights.
Membership Protection Details This report is for Clubs to determine who is up to date with their Member Protection and who is required to update their Members Protections (WWCC).
Membership Renewal Form This report is for Clubs to print out or email prefilled Membership Renewal Forms to Members.
Nipper Attendance Sheet Template A list of members, that can be determined by competition age category, membership type, registered season, gender. Can be exported into excel format to be used as a nipper attendance sheet.
Pending Member Requests Provides a club with a list of all transactions that have passed through the pending member request function. Report can be filtered by Pending Member Request status i.e: completed, pending, rejected for a specific date period.
Reference: Occupations A list of members occupations
Transactions A list of members transactions for a specific period of time. Can be filtered by a particular transaction type, date period or payment method
Organisational Management Reports Gear and Equipment Lists all (or selected) organisation equipment, detailing equipment information such as make, date of purchase, gear inspection dates, registration numbers.
Gear and Equipment Totals An equipment list containing total numbers of inventory for each type of equipment
Officers Club/Organisation List of club officers that can be filtered by date, registered season, position, person. List also contains Officers contact information
Organisation details Details an organisations address, contact information, GPS location, bank account information, RTO info (if applicable),
SMS totals Provides a total of SMS sent to members over a specific date period or registered season
Service Profiles A report that details when an organisation is providing a lifesaving service including, dates, days & times and a description on where an organisation provides such services ie: location
Users This report is for Clubs to determine who has Active access to Surfguard. You can also check who has previously had access and is now inactive.
Patrol Reports Member Patrol History This report will provide a list of a members Full Patrolling History, Note: Surfguard only begun in 2004 and any Patrol Hours prior to this date will not display in this report unless they have been manually added by an organisation. Patrol History prior to surfguard will need to be obtain from previous Annual Report and Patrol Logs.
Member Patrol Summary Can provide a report on an individual, whole patrol or all members total patrol hours for a particular season/s broken down into Lifesaving and/or competition seasons
Patrol Attendance: 100% Provides a list of patrolling members who have completed 100% of their own rostered patrols during a season
Patrol Deficit Hours A report that details patrolling members who are in arrears of their rostered patrolling duties for a specified period of time or season
Patrol Log/Service Profile Comparison Details all patrol logs (in weekly increments) and their current status in relation to logs being completed.
Patrol Rosters A report that can list all patrols or individual patrols team members and their seasons roster (including patrol teams contact details optional)
Patrol Service Details an organisations patrol service history including Beach Attenance and Activity, Prevention Actions, First Aids with last year comparisions. Report can be filtered using monthly or weekly breakdowns
Patrol Team Member Qualifications Lists members in a rostered team together with their patrol position and award qualification status, contact information is optional
Patrol Team Member Qualifications and Roster A report by Patrol that lists all patrolling team members, their patrol position and their award and proficiency details, (Contact email and mobile information optional) and their rostered patrol dates and start/finish times.
Patrol Type Hours Details patrolling members patrol service for a specific date/season period including a breakdown of each of their rostered patrols with the members start and finish time, patrol type ie: rostered, no shows, arranged substitutes and hours
Patrolled and/or Unpatrolled Stats A full report of all patrolling stats including # of rescues, beach attendance, first aids performed, patrol weather conditions, preventative actions
Patrolled and/or Unpatrolled Stats – Attendances Extracts information from the Patrol logs to display total beach attendance numbers
Patrolled and/or Unpatrolled Stats – First Aid Reports total number of first aids performed over a specific period of time (includes day by day breakdown)
Patrolled and/or Unpatrolled Stats – First Aid Analysis Specific report on any first aid incidents involving ambulance, Methoxyflurane usage
Patrolled and/or Unpatrolled Stats – Preventions Extracts information from patrol logs to display each patrolling days Preventation Action statistics with an accumulative total
Patrolled and/or Unpatrolled Stats – Rescues Extracts information from patrol logs to display total number of rescues with a breakdown for specific date range & rescue periods.
Patrolled and/or Unpatrolled Stats Comparison An organisations patrol stats with comparison flexibility by month, years for a number of patrolling data including first aid, attendance, Preventatives, rescue types
Substitution Statistics Lists all patrolling members together with any substitutions that have been performed and make up. Ie: patrols given upo and patrols accepted
Total Member Patrol Hours A detailed report of all patrolling members total patrol hours performed in a specific season including a breakdown for rostered hours, patrol rostered hours completed, substitute, volunteer, water safety. (report can be filtered for individuals a registered season, membership type
Total Team Patrol Hours A report that gives a patrol by patrol breakdown of each teams total patrolling hours and the make up of these hours.
Transfer Reports Transferred Out Members Members that transferred out of the organisation
Transfers A report that details all transfers, both in and out of an organisation. Includes transfer type, winning/ loosing club and the transfer approval process
Transfers History Breaks down per member the transfer history, transfer type and status for a given period/season

Report Scheduling
To run reports at a specified time or on a regular basis a feature is available that allows scheduling of both standard reports and custom reports. Reports can either be run once at a scheduled time or can be reoccurring.
The results of each scheduled report can be emailed and/or sent via Surfguard messaging to you rather than having to export/view them from within Surfguard.
This feature appears at the bottom of both General Reports and Custom Reports screens.


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