1. Surf, beach, weather and time constraint issue conditions permitting, “round robin” racing may be conducted over three rounds to determine qualifiers to further rounds of competition in boat events. Progression into further rounds and finals shall then be by elimination. The conditions detailed are not to be subject to protest.
  2. Qualifiers to further rounds of the competition will be determined based on total points gained in the rounds of the round robin (unless otherwise disqualified from the event). The points available in each of the rounds of the round robin are as follows:
1st place 10 points
2nd place 9 points
3rd place 8 points
4th place 7 points
5th place 6 points
6th place 5points
  1. In the event of a dead heat in an individual round of the round robin, equal points shall be allocated for the placing achieved. For example, if two crews finish equal first in a race, they shall be awarded 10 points each, with the crew finishing third being awarded 8 points.
  2. If a count back is required to determine the crews to progress to the elimination rounds of the competition the following procedures shall apply:
    1. All the results from the round robin will be compared between the crews involved in the count back. The highest placing points achieved in any of the individual round robin races shall be, in the first instance, the determining factor. The second highest placing points achieved by the crews shall then be compared and so on.
    2. If crews cannot be separated after comparing all placing points in all three rounds then all the crews achieving the dead heat will be allowed to progress in the competition.
  3. Prior to the first round of an event commencing the Referee shall advise the number of qualifiers to progress to the elimination rounds of each division of competition or the finals (as appropriate).
  4. If a crew is disqualified from an event they cannot compete in further rounds of that category of boat competition from which they are disqualified and lose all standing in that event.
  5. If a penalty is applied a crew may continue in an event or be allocated placing’s or points (in the round robin) or be eliminated from a round or event as determined.
  6. A “penalty” is defined as a punishment or consequence as a result of an infringement or breach of the competition rules. Penalties may include but are not limited to:
    1. Allocation or reallocation of placing(s) (and therefore points in the round robin). Note: In such circumstances the aggrieved crew may be allocated or reallocated placing’s and therefore points;
    2. Elimination from a round in round robin racing (but allowed to continue) in the event. In such circumstances zero points will be allocated to the crew in that particular round of the round robin;
    3. Total disqualification from the event;
    4. Crew being permitted to continue through to the following round.