Date Amendment/s
August 2016 4.9 Wade Race & 4.10 Wade Relay – The diagrams have been changed to show the width of the water component of the race is 36 metres. 4.4.2 (g) – Clarification that a starting break by a belt race handler may result in disqualification of the Beltman. 4.5.2 (n) – Clarification that the patient in the 4 Person Rescue Tube Rescue is not permitted to assist the carrying party by standing unaided.
February 2017 Diagram 1 Buoy laying distances clarified – no change in distances.
August 2017 4.10.2 (d), (e) & (f) -These paragraphs have been amended to clarify that either the incoming or outgoing competitor may affect the tag. 4.10.2 – A note has been added at the end of the section that the SCO line only is required for the start and changeover but there is no requirement for an outgoing competitor to cross this line after a changeover once a race has commenced.
February 2018 Appendix A – R&R Reel Specification. Clarification that the top front spreader bar may be either a single or split design
April 2019 4.5.2 (n) – Clarification on the patient’s role during the patient drag and carry to the finish.