Date Amendment/s
October 2015 2.3.14 – Note 2 has the word “Masters” added throughout to further clarify this note.
December 2015 2.5.2 (g) – Wording changed to delete October 2015 date for exemption of surf helmets – must now be in club competition cap colours.
August 2016 – Change to permit two domestic competitive transfers per calendar year. 2.3.4 – Clarification that the minimum age to compete in Surf Boat races, Ironman or Ironwoman races with a ski leg and Double ski races is 16 years as at the day of competition. 2.3.14 (b) Note 2 – Clarification that this section applies to participation in Masters Team events only and does not apply to participation in Open age events. 2.4.2 (b) – A further note has been added to clarify that this section is not intended in the normal course to assist competitors with replacement knees and hips etc. in the run leg of events. 2.5.1 (j) – Clarification that the recommended optional PFD for SLSA competition (other than IRBs) is the SLSA approved L25 lifejacket. 2.7.2 (b) – Addition of a new point to clarify that participants are not permitted to listen in on the radio frequencies or other communication devices used by officials to judge events. 2.13 (c) & (d) – Clarification of the process for draws in the first and subsequent rounds of events. 2.19(b) – Addition of a further start line description. 2.22 – Clarification of the use and application of electronic and technology aids to assist with judging of events.
February 2017 2.29 (b) – A new Note has been added to in the dot points after “Deliberately impeding”, to define deliberate impedance when running to a finish line.
August 2017 2.2.1 (a) (i) – A new note has been added to enable the SLSA Chairs of Sport and Lifesaving to approve limited competition eligibility for members with a permanent and limiting disability to participate in non-water events. 2.2.1 (a) (ii) – A further note is added to provide for any special allowances permitted for re-qualification that may enable a member to participate in water based competition e.g. a time concession approved to complete a run swim run proficiency because of mobility issues on land. 2.5.1 (c) and (j) – Additional wording has been added to clarify that the swim wear provisions in Section 2.5.1 (c) is for SLSA ocean and pool rescue competition swim events and swim legs and that there are exceptions allowed in other events. 2.5.1(n) A new Section to clarify that jewellery is permitted in all events unless particularly prohibited by entry conditions. However, competitors need to be conscious of the potential for injury in wearing some items. 2.5.2 (a), (b) 7 (c) – Additional wording in relation to the wearing of competition caps and/or helmets and/or silicon caps (for pool events). In ocean events caps do not to be worn under helmets and a team can wear a variety of caps and or helmets when competing. 2.14 – The maximum number that can compete in the Beach Run or Beach Run Relay has been set at 40 individuals or teams. 2.21 – Has been amended to clarify that either the incoming or outgoing competitor may affect the tag with their hand. 2.28 – A note has been added providing more weight and support to reports of Abuse/Inappropriate Behaviour
September 2017 2.2 – Changes to reflect SLSA amendments to Eligibility to Compete Policy 5.04.
October 2017 2.2.1 (d) and 2.2.2 – Changes to clarify the participation of SRC holding Junior Activities members in individual events and U15 age team events at Youth and Pool Rescue Championships. 2.3.4 to 2.3.14 – Changes to clarify eligibility requirements as detailed in Sections 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 and also to clarify that a member is permitted to compete in surf boat, double surf ski and ski legs in ironman/Woman competition upon reaching 15 years of age as at 30 September in a competition year (i.e. they are in the U17 age category).
July 2018 2.2.1 (e) (iv) – A new point detailing that SLSA may conduct water based and beach designated participation events for unqualified and/or qualified members with a disability. **- Addition of a new point detailing membership clearance and processes previously contained in deleted SLSA Policy 6.24. *2.3.14*– The potential age groupings for Masters individual and team events have also been added. In addition, it is clarified that Masters Competitors may compete only in their relevant Masters age grouping for individual and team events and, unless otherwise excluded, the Open/Senior age category. 2.3.15 – Change of Section Heading to read: Female/Male Only Events and Gender Guidelines. Addition of Clause © for reference to transgender and transsexual guidelines in a new Appendix A (extracted from SLSA Policy 5.10 Transgender Transsexual Athlete). 2.4 – A new note 3 to refer to Section 2.2.1 for conduct of designated events for competitors with a disability. 2.5.1 (f), (h), (i) and (j) – Further clarification of dress of competitors including wetsuits, sun safety and medical needs particularly in swimming events, board paddling and swimming legs of events.
April 2019 2.2.1 (a) and (b) Note 2 – A new note referring to Masters competitors over the age of 50 and relevant qualifications. 2.2.1 (e) (i) – Additional wording added to ‘Special Circumstances’ in gaining competition eligibility. 2.2.1 (e) Note – A new note added regarding members with special circumstances and their participation in competition. 2.3.4 (a) table – Updates made to age restrictions table for 12 years (proficient), 13 years (proficient), 15 years, 16, years, 17 years, 18 years, 19 years, 20 years, 21 years and 22 years categories. 2.3.5 Note 2 – A new note added addressing U13 age competitors and eligibility for individual and team events. 2.3.5 Note 3 – A new note added addressing U14 age competitors and eligibility for individual and team events. 2.3.6 Wording added to clarify minimum age for those participating in U15 individual and team events 2.3.6 Note 3 – A new note added regarding U13 and U14 age competitors and eligibility regarding U15 individual and team events. 2.3.7 (a) – Wording added regarding individual events for the U17 age category. 2.3.7 (b) – A new point to clarify U17 age competitors are eligible to compete in only two team event age groups. 2.3.8 (a) – Wording added to include ‘Open’ age categories.2.3.8 (b) – A new point to clarify U19 age competitors are eligible to compete in only two team event age groups. 2.3.9, 2.3.10, 2.3.11 and 2.3.12 – Wording added to include ‘Open and/ or Senior’ age categories.