April 2016 Section 1.1. Additional wording to ensure appropriate rescue capacity of an unconscious patient is in place prior to event commencement. Appendix B. Additional wording on checklist to account for above. Appendix D. Amendment of “Other Officials” authority. Addition of new Appendix E – Pool Risk Assessments.
August 2016 Section 1.1 – Addition of specific minimum water safety requirements for U13 and under aged participants. Appendix B – Additional wording in the checklist to account for the above and also the compulsory use of PPE. Section 1.2.4 – Specific mention of water safety personnel in the Safety Operations Manual. New Section 1.4 inserted – Addition of Surf Hazard Rating Section New Section 1.5 inserted – Addition of PPE Section
July 2018 Addition of new Appendix E – Prioritisation of Events at major Competitions. Renumbering of Appendix E – Pool Risk Assessments to Appendix F
1.6.6 – Addition of wording regarding the possible need to cancel and/or prioritise of events and/or age groups as part of contingency plan options and reference to Appendix E