(a) The course for the 2km Beach Run Relay will be as detailed in the diagram and, where practical, in soft sand. The Referee may set an alternate course on beaches with more or restricted room.

(b) The start/changeover line shall be designated by a line in the sand or a brightly coloured synthetic cord stretched between two poles with green and yellow flags attached. The finish line shall be two green flags placed approximately five metres apart and on the shoreward side of the start/turn line. The Referee shall determine the length of the start/turn line.

(c) Running lanes: The course shall be divided into two lanes parallel to the waterline The lane furthest from the water shall be for legs running from the start/finish lines (first leg for both team members). The lanes shall be divided by coloured tape, bunting, or other appropriate material.

(d) Two poles with green and yellow flags attached approximately five metres apart and situated 500m from the start at the end of the lane divider shall designate the turning point.