(a) Competitors take their allotted positions, a minimum of 1.5 m apart at the start line.

(b) When directed by the Starter, competitors shall lie face down with their toes on the start line, heels or any part of the feet together, hands on top of each other with fingertips to wrists and with the head up. Elbows should be extended 90 degrees to the body’s midline and hips and stomach must be in contact with the sand. The body’s mid-line should be 90 degrees to the start line. Competitors may level, flatten, and compress their starting area but no scooping or digging of the sand is permitted.
Note 1: When flattening or compressing the sand a competitor is not permitted to create mounds or unreasonably alter the incline of the sand to assist their start.
Note 2: Competitors are permitted to dig their toes into the sand at the start line by digging with their hands or feet before lying on the sand or with their feet after lying on the sand.
Note 3: Competitors should not unreasonably delay the conduct of the event in preparing their start area and must comply with the direction of officials.

(c) The competitors shall then await the command “competitors ready” from the Starter.

(d) The Starter shall then give the set command “heads down”. The competitors shall place any part of the chin on any part of their hands, whilst maintaining a straight head alignment with the rest of the body and maintaining the body and limb positions detailed in paragraph (b). The competitors shall then await the start.

(e) At the Starter’s whistle blast the competitor shall get to their feet as quickly as possible, run to the finish line and attempt to obtain a baton.

(f) Any competitor picking up two batons shall be disqualified from the event.