(a) A competitor may otherwise use their body to improve their position to compete for a flag. A competitor may negotiate the shoulder and or body in front of an opponent, but may not use hands, arms, feet or legs to obtain or remain in this position. If a competitor legally obtains this front position and maintains normal running action, the competitor behind is obliged to go around the competitor in front. A competitor may cross over in front of a slower competitor.

(b) Deliberate impedance is defined as “the deliberate use of hands, arms, feet or legs to impede another competitor’s progress”.

(c) Any competitor who commits deliberate impedance on another competitor will be eliminated from the event. If two or more competitors are guilty of deliberate impedance, the competitor who first deliberately used arms, shoulder, hands, legs or feet will be eliminated.

(d) If it is deemed that a competitor has breached the relevant SLSA Code of Behaviour and/or Competing Unfairly clauses contained in Section 2 the competitor(s) involved may be disqualified.