(a) In Beach Flags events there shall always be less batons set down than the number of competitors starting or remaining in the event. A competitor who fails to gain a baton in a run-through is thereby eliminated from the competition.

(b) With the exception of disqualifications or break eliminations no more than two competitors shall be eliminated in each run-through of the first and second rounds of competition. In subsequent rounds and at all quarter-final, semi-final and final stages of competition, no more than one competitor shall be eliminated in any one run-through.
Note: Whilst the above provides for a maximum of two eliminations per run-through, wherever practicable competition should proceed with a maximum of one elimination per run-through in all rounds.

(c) The Beach Flags (batons) shall be approximately 250mm to 300mm in length with an external diameter of approximately 25mm to 40mm and made of flexible material (e.g. flexible hose).

(d) There shall be a preliminary draw for positions and further draws after each round. In semi- finals and finals there shall be a draw after each run-through takes place.

(e) If it is apparent that a flag has been “lost” (in the sand) to competitors, the Finish Judge shall signal that the flag is lost and that the run through is finished. This signal shall be given either by whistle signal or by word. A run-off shall then occur only between the competitors involved in the search for the flag.

(f) If two or more competitors hold the same baton and the Finish Judges are not able to determine which competitor’s hand grasped the baton first, the Finish Judges shall advise the Sectional Referee who shall decide whether there shall be a run-off between the competitors involved. If, after one run-off to determine who progresses in an event or to determine a final placing result and the competitors still cannot be separated, run-offs shall be continued until an elimination and/or placing result is achieved.

(g) Each run-through or run-off shall be judged as a separate segment of this event and an infringement in one run-through or run-off shall not be carried over and counted against a competitor in a subsequent run-through or run-off.

(h) If heats are conducted in Beach Flag events a minimum of four competitors must progress from each heat into each subsequent round of the event unless there is a disqualification or elimination of more than one competitor in the last run-through of the round.