(a) A team shall consist of four competitors with two members at either end of the course taking up their drawn lane.

(b) Competitors are permitted to flatten, level and/or mark the sand in their lane but must comply with the directions of the Referee or Sectional Referee.

(c) Each competitor will complete a leg of the course with a baton held in either hand. At the conclusion of the first, second and third legs they shall pass the baton to the next runner. All competitors shall finish their leg of the event on their feet.

(d) The beach relay baton shall be approximately 250mm to 300mm in length with an external diameter of approximately 25mm to 40mm and made of flexible material (e.g. flexible hose).

(e) The starting conditions shall be as for the Beach Sprint with the first competitor of the team taking the mark.

(f) Baton changeovers shall be affected in the following manner:

(i) The competitors taking the baton on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd changes may be moving whilst taking the baton but will be disqualified if any part of the body or hands cross the changeover line before the runner takes the baton.

(ii) The competitor coming in to change the baton must carry the baton to the line. The baton cannot be thrown forward for the receiving competitor to catch or pick up to run.

(g) Should a baton be dropped during the changeover the Receiver can recover the baton (whilst ensuring that there is no interference to other competitors) and continue with their leg of the relay.

(h) Should a baton be dropped at any other stage, the competitor can recover the baton (providing that there is no interference to other competitors) and continue to run.

(i) Competitors are required to finish the event on their feet carrying their baton. The finish is judged only on the chest of the competitor when crossing the finish line.
Note 1: Falling across the line is not deemed to have finished the event.
Note 2: Competitors who attempt to record a timing gate finish result by deliberately using their arms or another part of their body other than their chest to record a finish result may be disqualified.