(a) A team shall consist of four competitors: a Swimmer, two Runners and a Surf Board Paddler.
(b) The sequence of legs of the swim and board legs shall be by ballot.
(c) Control of craft – The board competitor can lose control or contact with their board on the way out to the buoys and on return from the buoys provided they regain the board and round the last course buoy in contact with the board. The board competitor must paddle their board around all the course buoys including the last course buoy (i.e. the green and yellow swimming buoy) but shall not be disqualified if they lose control or contact with their craft after the last course buoy on the return journey.
(d) Replacing of boards – a Handler or club members shall be permitted to assist in replacing equipment during an event, but only to the extent of placing the nose of the replacement board on or behind the start line.
(e) To assist with the safe conduct of competition it is permitted for any member to assist in the removal of any damaged or abandoned equipment from the competition course.