(a) Team composition – Teams shall comprise of nine competitors all of whom must be SLSA Bronze Medallion/Cert II holders (one Surf Boat Crew, one Swimmer, one Surf Board Paddler, one Surf Ski Paddler and one Beach Sprinter).

Note: The Lifesaver Relay event is conducted at Australian Surf Life Saving Championships only when it is possible to run the final with the surf boat leg and the remainder of the course side by side and with the one start.

(b) Excluding the Surf Boat sweep within each team there must be four female competitors and four male competitors. Also included in the team from this gender mix must be at least one U/19 competitor and at least one U/17 competitor (as determined by their age for participation in individual events). The nominated boat sweep must be an accredited open age competitor and may be either male or female gender.
Note 1: Under no circumstances shall a team compete unless they have at least one competitor from the U17 and U19 age category.
Note 2: A member is permitted to compete in a surf boat leg of the Lifesaver Relay when they are in the U17 age category (i.e. upon reaching 15 years of age as at 30 September in a competition year).

(c) Legs – This event shall be conducted over a course which shall include a Surf Boat leg, Swim leg, Surf Board leg, Surf Ski leg and a Beach Sprint leg, in that order.

(d) Placing of gear – Items of gear shall be placed adjacent to the respective starting areas of the various craft by team members.

(e) The starting positions for board and ski legs (only) will be reversed. For example in a 9- team race in which a team has drawn position 1 for the boat leg, the proceeding board leg will also start from position 1, with the ski leg reversing to position 9.

Starting position-Surf Boat leg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Board leg starting position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Ski leg starting position 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

(f) Control of craft:

  • (i) The boat crew must row their boat around their designated turning buoy but shall not necessarily be disqualified if they overturn or lose control or contact with the boat on the way out to the buoys and/or on return from the buoys, provided the boat is regained and rounds the buoy “properly equipped” (refer Boat Section).
  • (ii) The board and ski competitors in the Lifesaver Relay can lose control or contact with their craft (and paddle as applicable) on the way out to the buoys and/or on return from the buoys provided they regain the craft (and paddle) and round the last course buoy in contact with the craft (and paddle). Each craft competitor in the Lifesaver Relay event must paddle their ski (including paddle) or board (as applicable) around all the swim and craft course buoys including the last course buoy (i.e. the green and yellow swimming buoy) but shall not be disqualified if they lose control or contact with their craft after the last course buoy on the return journey.

(g) Replacing of boats, oars, skis, paddles and boards – a handler or club members shall be permitted to assist in replacing equipment, but only to the extent of placing replacement equipment at the SCO line.

(h) To assist with the safe conduct of competition it is permitted for any member to assist in the removal of any damaged or abandoned equipment from the competition course.