(a) Teams – Teams shall comprise six competitors (2 Swimmers, 2 Surf Board Paddlers, and 2 Surf Ski Paddlers) who shall complete the event.
(b) Placing of Gear – Items of gear shall be placed adjacent to the respective starting areas of the various craft by team members.
(c) Craft – Each team shall provide at least one board and one ski. It is permissible for team members to use the same board and ski.
(d) Control of craft – A competitor in the Taplin Relay event can lose control or contact with their craft on the way out to the buoys and on return from the buoys provided they regain the craft and rounds the last course buoy in contact with the craft. Competitors must paddle their ski (including paddle) or board (as applicable) around all the course buoys including the last course buoy (i.e. the green and yellow swimming buoy) but shall not be disqualified if they lose control or contact with their craft after the last course buoy on the return journey.
(e) Replacing of skis, paddles and boards – Equipment may be replaced during an event. A Handler or club members shall be permitted to assist in replacing equipment during an event, but only to the extent of placing the nose of the replacement ski or paddle at the water’s edge and adjacent to the start line or board on or behind the start line.
(f) To assist with the safe conduct of competition it is permitted for any member to assist with the removal of any damaged or abandoned equipment from the competition course.
(g) Starting Positions – Six Person Taplin competitors must commence craft legs of the event from the correctly allotted beach position. The starting positions are reversed twice for the board and ski legs. For example where 16 teams are involved in which a competitor’s team has drawn position 1; the first craft competitor in the team commences the initial craft leg from position 1 and the next team competitor for the same craft (board or ski) commences from position 16. This order is then again reversed for the next type of craft leg (board or ski).