(a) Events where more than one discipline is performed are termed Multi-Discipline and include Ironman, Ironwoman, Taplin Relay, Lifesaver Relay, Cameron Relay and Board Rescue events.
(b) Different disciplines in each particular event are referred to as “legs” of that event.
(c) Order of legs is as follows:

  • (i) For the Ironman, Ironwoman, Cameron and Taplin Relay events one ballot shall be taken at the commencement of each competition to determine the order for the Swim, the Surf Board and Surf Ski (where applicable) legs. If the result of the ballot requires the ski leg to be the first leg, competitors will start that leg as a typical “in water start”.

Note: At any time before or during competition, should assessment of the course conditions conclude that it would be difficult to achieve a fair start with a craft leg first, the Referee in conjunction with the Competition Committee may determine that Ironman, Ironwoman, Cameron and Taplin Relay events commence with the swim leg first. The ballot shall determine the order of the following board and ski legs of these events.

  • (ii) The order for the Lifesaver Relay is the surf boat first, and then the swim, board and ski with the beach sprint section conducted last.
  • (iii) For the Surf Board Rescue Race the order shall be swim, board.

(d) Conditions of racing of each leg are as required for the individual conditions of that discipline with differences as detailed in this section.
(e) A member is permitted to compete on a ski in an Open Ironman/Ironwoman event and in a surf boat leg of the Lifesaver Relay when they are in the U17 age category (i.e. upon reaching 15 years of age as at 30 September in a competition year).
(f) Starting Positions – Iron Person competitors must commence craft legs from the correctly allotted beach positions. The starting positions are reversed for the board and ski legs. For example, in a 16 competitor race in which a competitor has drawn position 1; the competitor commences the initial craft leg from position 1, but commences the other craft leg from position 16.
(g) The use of SLSA Surf Boards in relation to age groups is detailed in Appendix A of Section 6 of this Manual.