(a) A Surf Board Teams event shall consist of four teams of two, three, four or five surfers in each team competing. The number of surfers in a team shall be advised in the entry circular for competitions.
Note: This may be changed at the discretion of the Referee in consultation with Clubs on the day of competition. The Referee will determine the composition of teams.
(b) Nominated team surfers cannot surf twice in a round of an event. Only one team member from each team will be allowed in the competition zone at any one time.
(c) Each surfer must commence from the allocated beach or water start line as nominated by the Area Referee.
(d) The team order of surfing cannot be changed once submitted at marshalling (“check in time”).
(e) Each surfer shall catch a maximum of 2 or 3 waves (as advised by the Referee/Area Referee).
(f) The best one wave of two or the best two waves of three may be used (as advised by the Referee/Area Referee).
(g) When a surfer achieves the nominated amount of rides scored they must return to shore, and make contact with the beach marker or the next surfer. Surfers can only enter the water once to catch their two/three rides.
(h) Team surfers must make contact with the beach marker or the next surfer to release the next team surfer. The next team surfer must stay on or behind the start line or behind the allocated buoy/paddle from point until this time.
(i) Heat times will be at the discretion of the Referee/Area Referee. A typical heat time for a four-team event is 60 minutes. The Referee/Area Referee designates the start line and beach/water markers. Final results are achieved by adding total scores together.
(j) Penalties will apply as follows:

  • (i) Team members competes out of turn loss of 5 points.
  • (ii) Competitor catches more than the allocated wave limit loss of 5 points.
  • (iii) Riding interference to another competitor zero score for wave.
  • (iv) Paddling interference/other interferences loss of lowest nominated scoring ride.
  • (v) Team fails to catch eleven wave limit within allocated time loss of 5 points

(k) In the event of an interference, the Head Judge may award a replacement wave within the heat time period to the surfer who has been interfered with. The surfer will receive an optional extra wave over the 2/3 wave maximum. The surfer will be notified of the option to catch an extra wave by the PA system and announcers. The surfer must still complete his/her allotted wave limit and return to the beach marker/next surfer within the official heat time.
(l) If scores are tied the count back will be applied to the highest scored wave by a team member. Failing a breaking of the tie by this method the count back will then continue to the next highest scored wave by a team member and so on until the tie is broken.
If the tie is not broken by this method a dead will be declared.