(a) The Referee will determine the maximum number of rides, (minimum ten to a maximum of fifteen) in the allocated time that may be attempted during a round.
Note: Where a competitor does not obtain the required maximum number of waves, no penalty is applied.
(b) An attempt will be made to inform the competitor by acoustic sound (two to finish) or other signal at the completion of their maximum number of rides. Once the maximum waves have been achieved no further scoring will take place for that competitor and it is expected that the competitor will immediately return to the beach without causing interference to any other competitor in the event or standing up on another wave.
(c) If the competitor ignores the signal to return to shore after completion of the maximum rides, the Referee may impose a penalty for every extra wave caught.
(d) At the discretion of the Referee, if at the halfway mark of any round and no competitors have caught a wave, then that round may be cancelled and re-run.
(e) If two adjoining competition areas are being used the zone between the areas is regarded as being a “no competition” zone. Competitors may surf into this zone but, are not permitted to use the zone as a take-off area.