(a) The riding time shall be determined by the Referee prior to the commencement of the competition and will be dependent on the prevailing surf conditions and the number of competitors in the event.
(b) The riding time allowed for each round will be a minimum of 20 minutes up to a maximum of 40 minutes, with competitors being permitted to catch ten waves to a maximum of fifteen waves or as determined by the Referee before the particular, rounds, semis or final concludes. The Referee has the discretion to extend the times for semi-finals and finals up to a maximum of 40 minutes, even if earlier rounds had been conducted over a shorter time.
(c) The initial time limits shall be advised to competitors at the pre-event briefing.
(d) However, should the surf conditions change during the competition, the Referee may alter the time limit. Any changes shall not occur during the conduct of a heat/round. Where a change is effected the competitors are to be notified prior to their entry into the water.
(e) Once a competitor has caught the maximum number of waves they are expected to immediately return to the beach without causing any interference to any other competitor in the event or standing up on another wave. An attempt will be made to inform the competitor by acoustic or other signal when they have caught their maximum wave limit.