(a) The start shall be effected by having each competitor standing on or behind the start line with their boards.
(b) The distance between boards at the start should be approximately 1.5 metres.
(c) On the starting signal from the Starter, the competitors shall enter the water with their boards and paddle around all buoys and return to the beach.
(d) Competitors may lose contact and control of their board without disqualification.
(e) If a competitor deliberately impedes the progress of another competitor they may be disqualified.
(f) To complete the race, a competitor must have (or have regained) their board and cross the finish line from the seaward side whilst maintaining contact with the whole of their board.
(g) The finish is judged on the chest of the competitor crossing the finish line on their feet while being in control of the board.
(h) To assist with the safe conduct of competition it is permitted for any member to assist in the removal of any damaged or abandoned equipment from the competition course.