(a) The start shall be by having skis afloat and in line, with each competitor holding the ski ready to push off. A Check Starter should be positioned in the water and shall signal when the competitors are in line and ready to start. Any competitor who disregards the Starter or Check Starter’s directions shall be disqualified. The distance between skis at the start should be approximately 1.5 metres.
Note: If conditions are such that the starter cannot provide a fair start a dry start is to be effected.

(b) On the starting signal from the Starter, the competitor should paddle their ski around all buoys and return to the finish line.

(c) A wet finish placing shall be determined when any part of the ski crosses the finish line being ridden, gripped, or carried by the competitor.
Note 1: To correctly complete a race a competitor must have (or have regained) their ski and paddle and cross the finishing line from the seaward side whilst maintaining contact with their ski and paddle.
Note 2: A competitor may lose contact or control of their ski and/or paddle without disqualification and may recover a ski and/or paddle that have crossed the finish line and then again cross the finish line from the seaward side with their ski and paddle to correctly record a finish placing result.

(d) A dry finish shall be determined when a competitor leaves their ski and paddle and runs across the finish line which is placed on the beach as per the diagram. The competitor may leave their craft and paddle at any time after the final buoy turn has been completed and must cross the line whilst remaining in an upright position on their feet.
Note 1: A competitor must paddle their ski (including paddle) around all the course buoys but shall not be disqualified if they lose control or contact with their craft after the last course buoy on the return journey.
Note 2: At the finish of the event, competitors may be assisted by a Handler. A Handler shall not be considered to be a competitor but shall be required to:

  • (i) Be a member of the same club or team as the competitors and be entered at the competition (exemption may be given by the Referee for a member of another club or team to be a Handler provided that the Handler is entered at the competition).
  • (ii) Wear a competition cap.
  • (iii) Comply with all instructions of the officials.
  • (iv) Make every effort to ensure that they, or the equipment that they are handling, does not impede another competitor, otherwise both their competitor and the Handler may be subject to disqualification.