(a) Racing rules contained in this section shall apply to the Single Surf Ski, Double Surf Ski and Surf Board Races.
(b) No artificial means of propulsion may be used in board races i.e. hand webs, wetsuit sleeves, arm boards etc.
(c) Board and ski competitors may pass through the swimming buoys not related to their course on their craft. Should impediment occur as a result the onus is on the competitor that chose that direction.
(d) A member is permitted to compete in all single and double ski events when they are in the U17 age category (i.e. upon reaching the age of 15 years as at 30 September in a competition year).
Note: U/15 age competitors must remain in the U/15 age category and shall not be permitted to compete on skis in any older age division in individual or team events even if they obtain the SLSA Bronze Medallion/Cert II.
(e) Replacing craft and/or paddles (as appropriate) is permitted during a race provided such replacement is effected before the competitor rounds the last course buoy. Team or club members shall be permitted to assist a competitor in replacing equipment, but only to the extent of placing the nose of the replacement ski and/or paddle at the water’s edge and adjacent to the start line or the board on or behind the start/changeover line.
(f) To assist with the safe conduct of competition it is permitted for any member to assist in the removal of any damaged or abandoned equipment from the competition course.
(g) The use of SLSA Surf Boards in relation to age groups is detailed in Appendix A of this Section.