(a) A minimum of three rowers or two rowers and the sweep must be in control of the properly equipped boat until any part of it passes through the in-water finishing flags positioned on either side of the course.
Note 1: “Under control” is defined as a boat being in an upright position with a crew of at least three members in contact with the boat and the boat moving in a direction towards the finish line.
Note 2: “Properly equipped” is defined as a boat equipped with a rescue tube, a minimum of three rowing oars or two rowing oars and a sweep oar which shall be in the boat or in the rowlocks.

(b) After the first part of the boat has passed through the in-water finish flags one or more runners release contact with the boat and runs to the teams allocated beach flags and across the team’s allocated start/finish line.

(c) An alternate finish may be prescribed by the Referee.