(a) Unless otherwise provided for in these Rules all crews involved in the boat relay may handle the equipment inside the competition arena.
When handling boats within the competition area during competition progress team members shall:

  • (i) Comply with all instructions of officials.
  • (ii) Make every effort to ensure that they and/or the boats they are handling do not impede another team, otherwise their team may be disqualified and the team be the subject of disciplinary action.
  • (iii) Hold the boats as directed by the relevant official.

This will assist with the safe moving and controlling of boats and the fair conduct of competition.

(b) Handlers not in the race may also assist move boats and gear to their team’s start area prior to the commencement of each leg of the race and assist by bringing any other replacement boats and/or gear to the seaward side of the start/finish line only.
Note: These Handlers shall not be considered to be competitors but shall be required to:

  • (i) Be a member of the same club or team as the crews and be entered at the competition (exemption may be given by the Referee for a member of another club or team to be a Handler provided that the Handler is entered at the competition).
  • (ii) Wear a competition cap.
  • (iii) Wear a distinctive high visibility pink, orange, yellow, green or red coloured vest as determined by SLSA (or relevant SLS Event Organiser) if entering the water beyond knee depth.
  • (iv) Comply with all instructions of the officials.
  • (v) Make every effort to ensure that they, or the equipment that they are handling, does not impede another crew, otherwise both their competitor and the Handler may be subject to disqualification.