(a) After completing the turn, crews should make every effort to steer a straight course to the finish line. Failure to do so may result in a penalty or disqualification if another competing crew is impeded or disadvantaged by such action.

(b) Boats taking a wave must keep clear of boats in front of them and may pass other boats on either hand. Failure to comply may result in a penalty or disqualification if another crew is impeded by such action.

(c) When gate buoys are in use, crews must pass through their allocated gate as decided by the Referee. The Referee shall advise crews of the boat buoy usage. Any changes made during competition shall also be advised to crews. Failure to negotiate the correct gate shall result in disqualification. If another crew cannot pass through their gate buoy as a result of failure by another crew to correctly negotiate their correct gate, the matter shall be adjudicated upon by the Referee.

(d) Should a boat on the return journey, when close to the finish line be stopped by grounding, this boat shall be deemed to have finished the race. This boat may be allocated a placing as decided by the finish Judges provided that the boat is not full of water and is heading towards the finish line.