(a) Turns are usually made from left to right (right hand in). However, this may change at the discretion of the Referee after giving due consideration to the sea conditions applicable at the time of that round. If a decision is made to change from “left to right” to “right to left”, all crews must be informed of this change. Failure to make the turn in the correct direction shall result in disqualification.

(b) The turn shall be effected giving due consideration to other competing crews. The turn should be kept as tight as is required, so as not to impede other competing crews. This applies when approaching and departing the turning buoys (see diagram). Impeding another crew may result in a penalty or disqualification.

(c) If a crew overturns its boat after completing the turn and before crossing the finishing line (or in the case of a dry finish, the runner completing the course) the crew may be permitted to continue in the race after ensuring the safety of all crew members who rounded the buoys in the boat.

  • (i) This is to be demonstrated by all crew members who rounded the buoys regaining physical contact with their boat (an oar is not considered to be the boat) before the crew crosses the finish line (or in the case of a dry finish, the runner completing the course). Once this contact has been completed the crew may proceed to complete the race as described in “The Finish” section of this Manual.
  • (ii) Only those crew members who rounded the buoy in the boat are eligible to assist their boat finishing the race.

Note: Should a boat in a race cause another boat to overturn the Referee may assess the circumstances and shall decide whether the affected crew may progress to the next round. However, there shall not normally be a re-run of the final in such circumstances.