(a) On the starting signal the boats shall be rowed to sea. Crews should endeavour to steer a straight course to their allocated turning buoy. Failure to steer a straight course to their
allocated turning buoy may result in a penalty or disqualification if another crew is impeded or disadvantaged by such action.

(b) During the seaward journey if a boat is swamped and overturns, the crew may right and empty the boat and continue the race. To achieve this, it may be necessary for the crew to return the boat to shore. If a time limit has been advised and it is clearly evident that a restarting crew will not complete the course in the allowed time, the Referee should withdraw the crew from the race to prevent delays to the program.

(c) Replacing of boats, oars, rowlocks and other gear – equipment may be replaced only during the seaward journey of a race by other club members. Club members may place replacement gear for collection by the crew at the water’s edge and adjacent to the starting line as directed by the relevant officials.
Note 1: It is permitted for any member to assist in removal of damaged or lost boats and/or gear from the competition area to assist in maintaining safe competition.
Note 2: It is not permitted for any non-crew member to recover lost boats and/or gear and place the recovered boats and/or gear on the start line for reuse by a crew during a race.

(d) If a crew runs aground whilst steering a straight line to their allotted turning buoy the Referee may halt the race and re-run that particular heat of the race or place the crew in another heat or round of the race.