(a) For each race the boat crews shall be marshalled to their allocated positions on the beach near the water’s edge.

(b) At the appropriate time for a wet start the Check Starter shall direct the crews to float and hold their boats in their allocated positions approximately 23m apart, in readiness for a race start.

Starts may be wet or dry and will be decided by the Referee. In the event of a dry start being utilised, coloured markers corresponding with the buoy colours will be placed in line on the beach, approximately 10m from the water’s edge. A crew member from each crew shall line up behind their allocated marker in readiness for a race start. The remaining four crew members plus a Handler, if required, shall hold the boat either floating in the water or at the water’s edge.

Note: A handler shall not be considered to be a competitor but shall be required to:

  • (i) Be a member of the same club as the crew and be entered at the competition (exemption may be given by the Referee for a member of another club to be a Handler provided that the Handler is entered at the competition).
  • (ii) Wear a competition cap.
  • (iii) Wear a distinctive high visibility pink, orange, yellow, green or red coloured vest as determined by SLSA (or relevant SLS Event Organiser) if entering the water beyond knee depth.
  • (iv) Comply with all instructions of the officials.
  • (v) Make every effort to ensure that they, or the equipment that they are handling, does not impede another competitor, otherwise both their crew and the Handler may be subject to disqualification.
  • (vi) Handle the boat and/or oar as directed by the relevant official.

(c) The Check Starter shall hold a flag aloft when the crews are in line and ready to race. At the discretion of the Sweep, a crew may draw their boat back from the line if they so wish, provided the boat is stationary at the time of the start. If crews disregard the directions of the Check Starter or Starter they may be disqualified.

(d) When the Check Starter raises their flag, this signals to the Starter, who should be in an elevated position approximately mid-field on the beach, that the crews are ready to race.

(e) Prior to the start, if a crew has a problem, the sweep may raise their arm to indicate that their crew is not ready to race. If this situation occurs, the Check Starter may lower their flag and the Starter may lower their gun. Once the problem has been rectified the start process may recommence. If a crew disregards the further directions of the Check Starter they may be disqualified.