(a) Competitors in the Rescue Tube Race events shall assemble in the marshalling area. When entries have been checked the Marshall shall notify each competitor of their buoy colour and buoy peg.
(b) After marshalling, the Referee, Sectional Referee or their deputy (e.g. the Marshall or Announcer) shall give the command for the competitors to file into the competition area and proceed to their nominated buoy peg.
(c) The competitors shall proceed to their allocated buoy peg and lay their rescue tubes at 90 degrees to the starting line and in front of the buoy peg. Competitors may lay the rescue tube to suit themselves provided that the rope or belt harness shall not extend on the seaward side of the tube and provided that a part of the tube is touching against the competitor’s individual buoy peg. The competitors will then take up their positions on the seaward side of the starting line.
(d) At the given signal the competitors shall run up the beach, pick up their respective rescue tubes and enter the water without impeding any other competitor in the event. During the run down the beach the competitors shall don their belt/harness and swim to their allotted buoy and complete the course as per the Belt Race event conditions.