(a) The immediate control of the competition should be allocated to a Sectional Referee who has knowledge of both SLSA competition and First Aid.
(b) The relevant SLSA authority conducting the event shall appoint currently accredited SLSA competition officials and/or other suitably qualified persons to conduct the event. Appointment of officials should be based on First Aid knowledge. Further, other SLSA members may be used to assist or be involved in the tasks e.g. casualties.
(c) The Sectional Referee shall be responsible for the planning, preparation, distribution and organisation of all matters relative to the scenarios and tasks.
(d) The Sectional Referee prior to the competition shall:

  • (i) Ensure that the appropriate SLSA authority has approved the rules for the competition.
  • (ii) Ensure that the competition area including the competitors’ isolation area is organised.
  • (iii) Ensure no conflict takes place with any SLSA Manual.
  • (iv) Arrange for any locations or special equipment or props required for the event.
  • (v) Arrange for the scrutineering of First Aid equipment supplied by teams for use in competition.
  • (vi) Arrange for staging of the scenario and for any special equipment or personnel required.
  • (vii) Ensure casualties are fully briefed.
  • (viii) Ensure that the appropriate marking sheets are prepared.

(e) Competitors must remain within the competition area for the duration of the scenario and will not be permitted to leave for the retrieval of their personal equipment which includes first aid kits, personal kit bags, notebook, pens/pencils, blanket and splints, or other approved personal equipment for use in the scenario.
Note: Where competitors request bystanders placed within the scenario area to assist and the bystander is required to leave the area to collect items that are part of the scenario but placed outside of the scenario area, the bystander must be asked to confirm whether or not they will return and a nominal “One Minute Time Delay” will be applied before the bystander is to re-enter the scenario area with the item(s).
(f) At the conclusion of the competition the Sectional Referee may debrief/comment on the performance of teams.