(a) Judging at the competition shall be effected by utilising marking sheets which are related to the following five sections of the scenario:

  • (i) Approach to casualty.
  • (ii) Examination of casualty and diagnosis of injuries
  • (iii) Specific points for all treatments
  • (iv) Disposal of casualty.
  • (v) Management of the incident.

(b) The marks allotted to the various sections may be varied for each different scenario.
(c) The percentage total for the five sections must equal 100% (the overall mark). For a competition there is flexibility permitted, provided that each section does not exceed the following percentages of the overall mark which must total 100%:

  • (i) 5% – Approach to casualty.
  • (ii) 30% – Examination of casualty and diagnosis of injury.
  • (iii) 60% – Specific points for all treatments.
  • (iv) 10% – Disposal of casualty.
  • (v) 10% – Management of the incident.

(d) Placings shall be determined by the aggregation of points.
(e) In the event of equal points at the completion of the competition, the winner shall be decided by a count back system using Clause 3.6.7 © and the order for the count back shall be sub-clause (iii), (ii), (iv), (v) and (i).
(f) If a winner cannot be determined by count back then a dead heat will be declared as provided in Section 2 of this Manual.