(a) The Patrol Competition event is determined on a point score basis with the team scoring the highest points being declared the winner. The total maximum points available are 120.
(b) Failure of a team (or team member/s) to commence a section or component of the Patrol Competition event shall result in disqualification of the team from the entire event.
(c) If for some reason the team (or team member/s) do not correctly complete (or complete within the time limit) a section or component, the team will not be disqualified from the total Patrol Competition event. In this case the team will be given zero points for that section/component of the event.
(d) The competition will consist of the following sections and points allocation:

  • (i) Physical Skills
  • • Surf Teams (10 points maximum)
  • • Board/Tube Rescue Relay Race (10 points maximum)
  • (ii) Theory
  • • Theory (written paper) (20 points maximum)
  • • Resuscitation – Live Patient Assessment and Manikin Resuscitation (20 points maximum)
  • (iii) Scenario Task
  • • Lifesaving task (60 points maximum)

Details of the sections and components are as detailed in the following paragraphs.