(a) Each team shall provide as a minimum the following equipment, which shall be available for use by the team at commencement of the competition.

  • (i) One rescue board or Malibu racing board.
  • (ii) One rescue tube.
  • (iii) A first aid kit (refer Appendix C)
  • (iv) One pair of swim fins (optional).
  • (v) One Air Bag Oxygen Resuscitation unit (Air Bag).
  • (vi) One Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Trainer
  • (vii) One adult resuscitation manikin.
  • (viii) A minimum of two SLSA approved Life Jackets to suit IRB Driver and IRB Crewperson to be used during the Open Scenario Task, where the use of an IRB is optional.

(b) All equipment used shall meet SLSA specifications.
Note 1: If a rescue board is used in competition it is required only to meet the specification for Malibu racing boards.
Note 2: Any manikin provided by the competitor shall not be marked in any way to gain advantage in competition.
Note 3: The swim fins shall comply with the following dimensions:
• Maximum 65cm overall length including ‘shoe’ or ankle strap (ankle strap extended).
• Maximum 30cm width at the widest point of the blade.
• Swim fins are to be measured with the shoe or ankle strap extended but not stretched. The swim fins will not be permitted to be used if they do not conform to specifications or if they are considered a safety hazard.
Note 4: Event organisers reserve the right to expect competitors to use supplied manikins.