(a) The Patrol Competition is divided into four sections and the maximum points allocation is as follows:

(i) Physical Skills 20 points
(ii) Theory 20 points
(iii) Resuscitation 20 points
(iv) Scenario Task 60 points

The total of all four sections is 120 points maximum.

Teams must complete 50% or more of the physical events and attempt all theory, resuscitation and scenario tasks in order to be eligible for a place. If teams do not meet these requirements they will be disqualified from the event.

(b) Teams shall compete against each other in the components of the physical skills section.
(c) Draws for positions in the two physical skills components shall be made prior to each race, as will the draw for position order for resuscitation and scenario task sections.
(d) The team with the greatest number of points awarded from all sections will be declared the winner.
(e) The Referee, taking into account the suitability of the area and the conditions, shall determine the order in which the sections are to be conducted.
(f) Depending on the number of teams and the availability of times, the sections of the event may, if possible, be conducted concurrently (e.g. Resuscitation and Board/Tube Rescue Relay).
(g) The organising group shall arrange the live patients or specify if clubs are to provide patients. The organising group shall provide patrol equipment and relevant log books or specify what clubs are to provide for the event. Teams shall provide equipment and uniforms as prescribed for this event.