(a) The practical resuscitation section will comprise the following two parts:

  • (i) Part A – Live patient assessment including lateral position – 20 points maximum;
  • (ii) Part B – One person Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on a manikin – 20 points maximum.

(b) The organising group shall arrange the live patients or specify if clubs are to provide patients.
(c) The manikin can either be provided by the competitor or pre-arranged with sufficient notice for the organising group to provide.
(d) No watches are to be worn by any competitors during the resuscitation section.
(e) The section will commence with a live person assessment including lateral (recovery) position.
(f) At the conclusion of the live patient assessment the competitor shall maintain their position and await the direction of an appointed official who will give instructions to the competitor to move to the manikin.
(g) Upon the direction of the appointed official the competitor shall undertake 1 person CPR on a manikin, commencing with ECC, for 5 complete cycles. The time taken to complete the 5 cycles shall be timed.
(h) At the conclusion of the 5th cycle the appointed official shall declare “Operator halt. The patient is now breathing normally.” The CPR on a manikin section is then concluded, resuscitation shall conclude and no further action is required.
(i) The procedure and timing for CPR is as follows:

  • (i) One complete cycle for 1 person CPR (for all patients) is an External Cardiac Compression (ECC) count of 30 immediately followed by 2 breaths. Each complete cycle is to take approximately 24 seconds with an optimum minimum of 5 cycles taking 2 minutes.
  • (ii) The ECC count shall be given aloud commencing with “1” then “5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30”, or “1 to 30”, or any other variation starting with “1 and ending with 30”, over an approximate 20 second period.
  • (iii) Immediately following delivery of the 30th compression, the competitor shall move to the head of the patient and deliver 2 inflations in approximately 4 seconds. The competitor will then commence the next cycle.

(j) The point system for judging this section is designed with an emphasis on judgement of fact. A maximum of 20 points each will be allocated for the two parts of this section. Points will be allotted with deductions as follows:

Major faults (each) 4.0 points deduction
Minor faults 0.5 points deduction
Timing deductions (manikin) 4,3,2.1 or nil points deduction

(k) For Part A or Part B of this section, if total deductions exceed the 20 points, the competitor will score zero for that part.
(l) Refer to Appendix B for additional details on deductions schedule for major, minor and timing faults, in addition to commands given to competitors by officials.