(a) The Physical Skills section will comprise four components and the maximum points allocation is as follows:

(i) Surf Race 10 points
(ii) Board Race 10 points
(iii) Beach Sprint 10 points
(iv) Rescue Tube Race 10 points

(b) The distances in the Surf Race, Board Race and Rescue Tube Races shall be as per the swim and board sections of the Ironman/Ironwoman events. The start, finish and conduct of these events shall be as per the conventional Swim, Board, and Rescue Tube events.
(c) The use of swim fins is optional in the Rescue Tube Race and, if used, shall be placed with the Rescue Tube on the Rescue Tube line.
(d) The Beach Sprint race shall be conducted as per the Beach Sprint event.
(e) Competitor Limitations for events in heats, semi-finals and finals are outlined in Section 2 of this Manual.
(f) Each competitor must start in each of the Physical Skills components. Failure to start each component shall result in disqualification from the Champion Lifesaver Competition.
(g) Failure of a competitor to complete the course within any time limit allocated (refer Section 2) or complete the course correctly will mean that nil points shall be allocated to that competitor in that particular component.
(h) The first competitor to correctly finish the final of each of the four physical skills components shall be declared the winner of that component. Points allocation for each of the competition components is as follows:

Finish Position Points
1st 10
2nd 9
3rd 8
4th 7
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3
9th 2