(a) The Champion Lifesaver event is determined on a point score basis with the competitor scoring the highest points being declared the winner. The total maximum points available are 120.
(b) The three sections that comprise the Champion Lifesaver event and allocated maximum points are:

  • (i) Physical Skills 40 points
  • (ii) Questionnaire 40 points
  • (iii) Resuscitation 40 points
    Competitors must complete 50% or more of the physical events and attempt all theory and resuscitation tasks in order to be eligible for a place. If competitors do not meet these requirements they will be disqualified from the event.

(c) The Referee, taking into account the suitability of the area and the conditions, shall determine the order in which the sections are to be conducted.
(d) Sections may be conducted concurrently, depending on the number of competitors and available time.
(e) Draws for positions in the physical skills components will be made prior to each race. Similarly draws for competitor position order in the resuscitation section will be made prior to that section.
(f) The rules, sections, points allocation and procedure for the conduct of the Champion Lifesaver event are detailed in the subsequent paragraphs.