(a) This event is a continuous relay involving the four events detailed above. The four legs of this event shall be conducted in the order: 1 – IRB Rescue Tube, 2 – IRB Mass Rescue, 3 – IRB Teams Rescue and 4 – IRB Rescue.
Note: The Australian IRB Championship Mixed IRB Relay Race shall be conducted as per the rules of this section except that a male crew (driver and crew person) must complete two legs of the event and a female crew (driver and crew person) must complete two legs of the event. It is up to each team to decide which leg is completed by which crew.
(b) Six patients shall be taken to sea by the competing club’s nominated “patient boat”.
(c) The patient for the first leg, i.e. the Rescue Tube is positioned as described in Procedure Rule The five other patients wait in the club’s patient boat for their respective leg. The patient boat must remain clear of and on the seaward side of the rescue tube patient buoy for the duration of the event.
(d) The start shall be as described in Procedure Rule
(e) Each leg shall be as per the individual event descriptions except for the start of legs two, three and four and the finish of legs one, two and three which shall be changeovers as detailed in the Teams Rescue event description Rule
(f) Patients for legs two, three and four shall swim to their respective pick-up position, as described in Procedure Rule, after all patient pick-ups for the proceeding leg are completed as per Procedure Rule
(g) After completing their respective leg of the race, drivers, crew persons and patients must place themselves in a position where they do not impede the conduct of the race or the judging of the event.
Note: In the first leg of the race the rescue tube shall remain around the first patient after the tow and this patient must have hold of the lanyard and harness before the first driver exits the IRB. This patient must then exit the boat and ensure that the rescue tube, lanyard or harness remains well clear of the IRB. As such the first patient (only) is not permitted to assist turn and/or hold the IRB after their leg of the race. After moving well clear of the IRB the first patient may remove the tube and place it in a safe position that does impede the conduct or judging of the race.
(h) The finish shall be as described in Procedure Rule