(a) During all changeovers the crewperson must maintain contact with the IRB and control it in a safe manner. In changeovers the crewperson and patient, as detailed under the relative event descriptions, may turn the IRB around and may place the boat at an angle to assist driver entry if it is safe to do so.
Note: When completing the changeover the driver, crew and patients must follow the exit procedures detailed in Section
(b) For the changeover in the teams and relay events, the first and second driver must visibly tag (refer section 2.28 for definition of a tag). To do this the first driver proceeds to the start/finish line, rounds their respective beach position marker (see Rule©) and visibly touches (tags) with the second driver who is positioned with their toes on or behind the shoreward side of the changeover line and to the seaward side of the beach position marker. The outgoing driver is not required to be stationary but the tag must occur within this changeover zone.