(a) On the starter’s signal the driver and crew shall cross the start/finish line and proceed to the IRB. A break shall be adjudicated as defined in Rule 2.19 ‘Starting of Events” in the Surf Sports Manual.
(b) Any handlers used must be positioned at either side of the IRB in control of the IRB with at least one hand and must not be touching any part of the motor or fuel cell, fuel line assembly, and safety chain when the starting signal sounds.
Note: The starting signal is the signal or command that indicates “Go” as defined in Section 2 – General Competitive Conditions, Rule 2.19.
(c ) After the starting signal sounds handlers may move the IRB to assist with water depth positioning of the IRB and to maintain the bow seaward and perpendicular to the wave line but must not otherwise turn the IRB to an angle to assist the driver and/or crewperson entry to the IRB. At the time the driver or crew first makes visible contact with the boat handlers shall not further move the boat and shall ensure that the boat is in the “set” position
(d) Handlers must visibly release all contact with the boat once the driver and/or crew touches the IRB and may not assist the driver and/or crewperson further.
(e) The driver and crewperson, at their own discretion, shall board the IRB. This decision is ultimately the responsibility of the driver and crewperson and as such IRB crews cannot protest the start.
(f) The driver starts the motor only when fully aboard the IRB. Only the driver may start the motor and the crewperson must be in contact with the IRB at the time the motor is started. During the course of any IRB race only the driver is permitted to touch any part of the motor once the starting signal sounds.
(g) The motor may be started either in gear or out of gear. If starting the motor in gear and using one hand to start, the driver must maintain control of the motor throttle grip with their other hand. If a two handed start is used the motor must be in neutral.
(h) During and immediately after starting the motor, the IRB must not move in an uncontrolled or unsafe fashion.