(a) Competitors in IRB events shall be assembled in the marshalling area. When entries are checked the Marshall shall inform each team of their allocated lane.
(b) Crews are able to claim bonus time. This is an optional concession, provided at the discretion of the Referee, for crews at the start of events. Each club is allowed a maximum of five minutes bonus time per day of competition, which may be claimed in a minimum of one-minute increments.
Note: Once crews are in the “set” position for the start (as defined in Section 2 – General Competitive Conditions, Rule 2.19) no (further) bonus time can be requested before that race. Should IRB equipment be damaged by waves while in the set position and before the start the Referee may, at their discretion, allow for the equipment to be replaced or quickly repaired before proceeding with the start without the loss of bonus time.
(c ) On command from the Starter (usually by whistle), the crew and IRB shall proceed to the water’s edge of their allocated lane. Check Starter/s may be utilised to guide crews to their starting position. Note: This command is to be regarded as the commencement of the “set” position. (d) The IRB shall be positioned directly in front of the crew’s respective start/finish markers. Handlers may assist with the positioning of the IRB.
(e) A maximum of two handlers may hold the IRB into the “set” position and assist keep it stationary for the start. The set position is defined as the IRB being held stationary, with the bow facing seaward perpendicular to the wave line, and wholly within its lane in a depth of water to enable a start as determined by the Referee. The motor may be in or out of gear. Note: If conditions warrant, the Referee may increase the number of handlers to four.
(f) The driver and crewperson shall be positioned adjacent to their respective beach position marker in readiness for a race start with their toes on or behind the start/finish line. If a lane coloured vest is supplied it must be worn by the driver/s as directed by the Referee.