(a) IRB competition may be conducted in different categories of age, grade and gender.
(b) Apart from IRB Relay events, a competitor may not compete or nominate to compete in more than eight events at any one competition. IRB Relay events may be entered in addition to this eight event maximum.
(c ) A Driver and/or crew may compete in a particular event once e.g. a driver cannot compete in an event in one team as a driver and compete again in the same event as a driver or crewperson in a separate team. Note: This does not preclude an eligible driver, crew or patient from the same team swapping roles in different rounds of the same event.
(d) If eligible to compete in multiple grades or age categories, drivers and crewpersons may do so, but may only compete in a particular event once e.g. open male rescue is a different event to the under 23 male rescue.
(e) IRB patients are to be considered as gender neutral with respect to their participation in male and female IRB events.
(f) Patients may compete in any grade, age or gender category events but may only compete in a particular event once.
(g) Attention is also drawn to other relevant sections of the Surf Sports Manual including Section 2 – General Competitive Conditions and any other relevant circulars or bulletins which must also be complied with.