(a) A strong emphasis will be placed on safe driving, crewing and patient safety practices. All competitors must complete each event in a safe and controlled speed and manner or will face immediate disqualification from the event, and/or issue of a safety infringement and consideration for further penalties.

(b) A safety infringement shall be issued to any competitor deemed to have committed an unsafe practice. This will result in immediate disqualification of the competitor and their entire team (i.e. crew and patient/s) from the event in which the infringement occurred. The name of the competitor and the details of the infringement shall be logged through the safety infringement register of the relevant State and National Office.

(c ) If a competitor receives more than one safety infringement in any one competition they shall be disqualified from the entire competition.

(d) Should a history of safety infringements be identified by an SLSA office or official in a twelve month period, the matter shall be referred to the relevant state or national officer/s for consideration of further penalties or disciplinary action.