(a) WARNING: IRB competition can be inherently dangerous. IRB competition participants acknowledge that they are exposed to certain risks during IRB competition including but not limited to leg, spinal and neck injuries, physical exertion, contact with the IRB, temperature, weather and water conditions and even drowning. IRB competition participants acknowledge that accidents can and often do happen which may result in IRB competition participants being injured or even killed. All members through their participation in IRB events agree with, acknowledge and understand this warning and accept and assume the inherent risks in IRB competition.

(b) Safety procedures – Course Judges will monitor and observe all driving, operating, safety practices and techniques. Should such practices and techniques be considered to be unsafe, dangerous or contrary to the rules or procedures of the event the Course Judges have the authority to immediately disqualify the offending competitor/s from the event and/or issue a safety infringement. Recommendation for further penalties and/or referral to the carnival disciplinary committee may also be considered.

(c ) Signs or banners shall be displayed to provide a 50-metre buffer zone on either side of the competition area. These may be the same signs used to indicate IRB training and shall be a minimum of 1 metre x 1 metre. For example: